Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ian Thomas

Ian Thomas, born in Hamilton Ontario is a musician, songwriter and author. He is also the younger brother of SCTV's Dave Thomas. He is most known for his only US Top 40 hit, Painted Ladies. But he also wrote and performed such great songs as "The Runner" which was covered by Manfred Mann's Earth Band, "Hold On" which was also covered by Santanna, "Right Before Your Eyes" which was also performed by the group America. His songs have also been performed by Chicago and Bette Midler. Ian wrote lots of great songs that should have been hits such as "Pilot", "Liars", "Coming Home", "Time is the Keeper" and "Levity". He is a great songwriter and musician, and he was also blessed with the comedy gene. Watching some of his live clips, he is one of the funniest people ever. Enjoy the clip.

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  1. He had some amazing tunes. 'Pilot' is one of my faves.