Thursday, December 2, 2010

Ray Lyell

A Canadian musician and songwriter from Hamilton. Ray became popular in the late 1980's with his band The Storm. Ray Lyell and The Storm released their first album in 1989 and scored a Top Ten hit with the song Another Man's Gun. Their second single Carry Me, was a Top 40 hit. In 1990, Ray was nominated for a Juno Award for Most Promising Male Vocalist. 1992 saw Ray Lyell in a legal conflict in the U.S. and he was forced to sell the rights to the name "The Storm". Ray's next album was called Desert Winds but was released under his own name even though he still performed with "The Storm". The first single from the album was Gypsy Wind. In 1996, Ray studied and became a vocal coach which he continues to do today, as well as teach, write and record from his studio, Rayne Records. He is a great singer and one of my favourite performers. I think he should of got a lot more recognition.